Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I am making slow progress with the Cabled Riding Jacket, but I am making progress. So far I have only 3.5 inches completed, but that is because of lack of time to work on it. I'm not finding it that difficult of a knit. The picture, not a good picture but the best I could do, shows some of the details of the wavy cables. As you can see the cables wind back and forth, and one does need to pay attention to the chart.

That said, the cables cross every sixth row, with the other five rows worked in knit and purl, with the occasional decrease to shape the sweater. The shaping is probably already visible in the 3.5 inches knit, but the stitches are scrunched up on the needle, making any shaping hard to discern. The sweater is knit from center front to center front, bottom up.

The yarn I'm using is from Beaverslide Dry Goods and is their Aran weight in the color Tamarack(mostly brown with some yellow fibers included--looks like mossy tree bark). It's mule spun 100% wool, very soft and spongy, and even softer after blocking. Teva Durham used a yarn from Mostly Merino, which is a wonderful yarn, but unfortunately my budget didn't allow for that.

I'm really liking this pattern; it's challenging but very interesting. I'll post more pictures as I make more progress.


Rhiannon said...

I am working on the cabled jacket right now. Came across your version today while looking for a little help (just finished row 73). Do you know anyone else who is working on it/finished??

I love you tweed-y choice of yarn!!

Stephanie said...

I am working on the cabled riding jacket and an also stuck on row 73 - is there a mistake in the pattern? So, if anyone knows how to continue please let me know. Many thanks. I am doing the small size and using Rowan Yarns Scottish Aran Tweed - I live in the Uk and so it is easier to obtain.