Saturday, May 13, 2006

Finished Object.

Or is it? Can one sock of a pair be called a finsihed object, or does it take two? No matter.

This is my first finished and kitchenered Jaywalker sock. It isn't a difficult pattern, easy to memorize the pattern repeats. I am not unhappy with the pooling in the foot portion, assume that happened because there are fewer stitches in the foot than the leg. Or it could be because the cat bit through the yarn while I was working the heel flap. I think it is the former.

A note of interest: I noticed a knitalong called The Behind the Times Knitalong, for knitters who are perpetually jumping on the band wagon and knitting last season's favorite project. I thought that described me perfectly and emailed asking if I could join. No answer. Is that a no, or is the administrator just behind the times?

However, it's spring and warming up, and I'm not losing sleep over that.

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