Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thank you, Stephanie!!!

I am so indebted to Stephanie, The Yarn Harlot. I was merrily working on my cabled riding jacket when I noticed a mis-crossed cable. In desperation I asked for help and Stephanie created a tutorial on how to fix the miscrossed cable without unraveling the last six rows.

I think I've moved the pictures into the right order: top, needle points to mistake; second, 6 rows of 5 cable stitches unravelled--sweaty palms time; third, 5 stitches recrossed in right direction; fourth, 6 rows reknitted, a mini-knitting project. Brilliant, but I'm not taking any credit. My knitting muse deserves all of the credit.

So once again, thankyouthankyouthankyou dear Stephanie, and I'm sorry about the "niggling".

Go visit Stepanie to see how it's really done and feel the love.


Carrie K said...

Oh, was that you that inspired that post? Cool! Cables turned out to be pretty easy to fix, it's lace and garter stitch that elude me.

Pooch said...

Hi Sue! I just HAD to visit your blog after reading your post about knitting shrouds at Knit the Classics!! Hilarious comment!

I would love to have a morning walk through the beautiful park that is pictured--simply gorgeous!

And--Have you read Tyler's Digging to America yet? I read it in June for the Summer Reading Challenge and found it quite a good read. It bogged down in a couple places for me, but overall it is an engaging story.

OK then, that about covers it. Have a marvelous weekend!

Angela said...

As a daily reader of her blog, I saw and saved the Yarn Harlot's response to your cable problem--your difficulty will help so many of us out when we find ourselved with the same predicament! Your pottery is lovely, btw.