Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dishcloths and Solitude.

By a fluke, I have four days of solitude. This means more time to knit and sew, less time needed to prepare meals, do the laundry, etc.

These photos are of dishcloths knit since I bought

Mason-Dixon Knitting. And if you wonder why every single one uses yellow yarn, that would be because I bought a whole cone of yellow. That would be 940 yards and apparantly many discloths. Six is nowhere near the end of the cone; six dishcloths just scatched the surface of the cone. My advice is to not buy a cone of any color unless you like that color, and like that color a lot. The dishcloths do knit up quickly, and once more I can play with color, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so successfully. I've used Peaches & Creme, Sugar'n Cream, and Lion Cotton while knitting these. I think Sugar'n Cream is slightly lighter than the other two; at least the cloth knit with that and the Peaches & Cream yellow feels a bit looser. And with not too much time spent knitting, I have a finished object (or six).


Hi5 Pimp said...
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Carrie K said...

Many, many FO's are a good thing. A whole cone is many dishcloths? Who knew? At least yellow goes with a multitude of colors.