Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Those 10 IQ points

Some years ago, when I was pregant with my youngest daughter, I knit this: an entrelac baby bunting, entrelac front and back, with a hood and a zipper. While I was working on this, a friend told me that she had read that with each pregnancy the mother loses 10 IQ points. (She then turned to a mutual friend, well into her third pregnancy, and said "What does that say about you?").

When carrie wrote about knitting this dishcloth, I thought "piece of cake" (though having baked many cakes in my life, I'm not sure why "piece of cake" should signify ease) (And why is "pure as the driven snow" a mark of purity? Driven snow usually picks up a lot of dirt as it scuds along. Sorry, digression.). After all, I've knit both entrelac and dishcloths, so putting them together? No problem.

Except that it was. And those 10 IQ points? They may have been entrelac-specific, and I used them up on the bunting. Strange though; I don't remember that being a difficult project.

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Carrie K said...

OMG, that baby bunting is adorable! And it's not loss of IQ points, it's just lack of practice. I was a bit horrified to find out how badly I was sewing after not sewing at all for a few years. It came back, but I was never more than barely proficient.

Did you pick up Language Visible yet? I only ask because you're parsing your phrases.