Thursday, February 08, 2007

Blue Knitting

Since I'm playing along with Project Spectrum, I've been knitting blue. There is the wondrous Garterlac dishcloth (I was smitten by Eunny Jang's entrelac socks so am working to overcome my entrelac ineptitude.), a mitten from a pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman (a Zimmermania project), and the pink socks. Currently they are making me blue. One could read the last two entries about this if one is curious.

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Carrie K said...

Oh no! Gauge matters but needle size counts too. I knit my Log Cabin really tightly on the foot and then for some reason, knit the 2nd one loosely. And yes, had to rip back.

But those pink socks are so cute! And you've gotten this far, might as well have a pair of socks to show for all that knitting.

That Garterlac dishcloth is addictive.