Thursday, November 06, 2008

No Go.

This is my Cabled Riding Jacket, which I did not finish and am about to unravel. I love the yarn, love the pattern but don't think they belong together. Or they don't belong together on my body. I feel like I'm wearing part of a bear suit.

Some things worked perfectly: the bias cables on the bodice match perfectly. Wish I could say that about the length of the sleeves, which are not the same length, something I didn't realize until today. And the waist shaping sits below my waist, or what used to be called a waist. What I saw as shaping sits on my hip bones, and then things turn lumpy. I admit that using dps in place of buttons isn't helping, but I did not want to sew 12 buttons in place only to hate things more.

I am in the process of stripping layers of ugly wallpaper and so am able to have a deconstructed background.
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