Monday, June 12, 2006

Not Knitting

These are photos of some of my pottery made by my own hands. I chose blue glazed pieces because June is the blue month for Project Spectrum and it may be a good thing that I'm a knitter/potter rather than a knitter/photographer. There is some blurriness.

I have only one blue yarn in my stash, a blue shetland used to trim a baby jacket many years ago. I do have some Trekking XXL ordered, a red/olive/navy variegated which may have to serve for my June Project Spectrum knitting. I'm also re-covering the cushion of a rocking chair with a printed fabric which has a blue background. I'm trying to work on that steadily, to not abandon the project, or just put it aside when I can't find my tools. All tools have been located, fabric purchased, etc. I'm ready to work.

I'll post photos of the rocking chair before and after when I reach after.

And I am steadily working on the Cabled Riding Jacket, will post photos of that when progress is evident. Just now it looks pretty much the same as the last time I photographed it.

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tatjana said...

your pottery looks gorgeous! i really like the shades of blue you picked.