Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Take a Hike

I wouldn't actually call this a hike. This is my daily walk throught Manito Park in Spokane, Washington. The Trekking yarn I'm using is #128 and sadly is a jacquard. Sadly I say because I've studiously avoided jacquard yarns. As a class of yarn, I find the color combinations bad (#128 is less objectionable if only because the colors are mostly neutral--with the exception of the strange apricoty/peachy/pink stripe). I also avoided them because I was pretty sure the pattern wouldn't work for me. Guess what? I was right. What I get reminds me of a flip-book, with an amorphous blob starting out small and growing taller only to suddenly flip around and head the other way. Very strange, although the colorway is growing on me.

And should you ask why I purchased this yarn, well I had a coupon for 20% off and didn't realize it was jacquard, thought it was a simple stripe.

The images posted are (from the top left)1.a study of color and texture in the perrenial garden 2.an English rose by the name of "Mary Rose", deliciously fragrant; 3. stone bridge composed of basalt;4. a view of the Japanese Garden; 5.the duck pond.

This park originally had imput from the Olmstead brothers, though I think their plan has been subverted over the years.

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jennhx said...

Beautiful photos - I especially like the one with the bridge and reflective water!