Saturday, August 19, 2006

Two more photos from the Bray. One of a tile installation and the other of an old beehive kiln. The Bray was a brick factory years ago, and there are several of these kilns left, no longer in use.

No knitting to show today; the camera is still travelling. Truthfully I haven't done a lot of knitting over the last few days. I've been arranging to fly my daughter's cat to her. Kitty has been a houseguest for the last two months while my daughter moved. Technically I know what has to be done, but emotionally, no. The pet store person I talked with yesterday about "crates" had frightening stories to tell.

And I've been thinking about my non-participation in my on-line bookgroup, this month. I've never been able to complete a knitting project within the month as we read a book, but I've at least read the book. This month not even that. Now as I read other's comments on the richness of the language, I'm tempted to go pick it up and give it a try.

I did contrast that to my participation in my local bookgroup. I always read the books for that group; there isn't ever any doubt that I will. I think this is because I know with that group, at least once during the year we'll read a book that I've suggested, that I want to read and share with the others. But the online group doesn't work that way(possibly because of the size of the group?). Some of the discussions have really been good; some of the books have been surprisingly good, and there have been some dogs. The group could be a little less anglo-centric in its choices (someone will jump in a say that we're reading Nabokov this month, and he isn't anglo). And I do have a choice; I can read what the group is reading, or like this month, not participate.

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Carrie K said...

I've never finished a project yet either, but I'm planning on finishing the Moll Shawl for the year end contest.

I don't think I'm going to read Lolita.