Thursday, August 24, 2006


A few swaps ago my swap partner sent me some undyed wool and kool-aid to dye it with. I put it aside until last week when I attempted to dye it a certain shade of green. I just wasn't thinking, or I would have known that kool-aid doesn't come in a light olive green, even when combining two flavors, in this case green apple and lemonade. Do they still make rootbeer kool-aid? That might have helped.

What I got was a bad smell, the smell of wet wool (which I don't mind) mixed with artificial green apple and lemon (which I do mind). Green apples don't even smell in the real world, at least they do not smell like green apple kool-aid. The finished product is the skein of wool hanging on the back of the chair, which is definitely not a light olive green. I don't think I'll be dabbling in kool-aid dying again.

I skewered my current sock knitting to the back of the rocker to display progress. That is the second Simply Lovely Lace sock, ready to begin decreasing for the gusset. And that is the first Trekking XXL sock, part of a knitalong, a knitalong meant to end soon with a pair of socks finished. I shouldn't join knitalongs, not unless I'm at the bind off when the knitalong begins.

Or readalongs, for that matter. My summer reading list mocks me, but then I did read some books not on that list and not read some that were. I'm comfortable with that, can edit my list to approximate reality if I'm not.

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Carrie K said...

But joining is sooooo fun.

Nope, definitely not light olive green. Skewered sock progress! Awesome.