Friday, May 25, 2007

Some Travel and Some Knitting

The Grand, Canyon, or at least part of the Bright Angel Trail. This was my destination late April and early May. I did not hike all the way to the bottom, since I also needed to hike back out the same day, and while I'm a prodigious walker, I wasn't sure of my limits and did not want to exceed them. I would go back at the drop of a hat. It is lovely and spectacular, somewhere I needed to go.

And it was also my reason for beginning Cece. I thought the weather would be milder than in my part of the world, but possibly cool enough that a light cover-up would be welcome.

On the left my Cece in it present incarnation. Using Sonata by Elann, size 5 Addi lace needles. On the right, previous incarnation, kind of flabby in feel, using size 7 Addi's. I think the lace pattern is crisper now; possibly I could have blocked some crispness into the other, but if so I would have had to block it large, or at least larger than needed.

Just because I'm knitting slowly doesn't mean this is a difficult pattern. The repeats are easily remembered, and it is knitting up quickly. When I realized that I needed to start over, I put Cece aside, started a quick shawl for the trip (which I also didn't finish; I'm just not good at knitting to meet a definite time line), and have just recently started Cece again. And ripped out the shawl and started it again. And I'm enjoying knitting both, which is most important to me.


Carrie K said...

You knit the way I do. Over and over. I don't mind either.

The Grand Canyon is just amazing, isn't it? Have fun!

Helenmarie said...

Cece is lovely! and I agree that the one on the smaller needles is more defined, but the larger one looks good to me too. You said the pattern is not a challenge! Well, maybe not for you, but it would be for me.
I started knitting again about two years ago, and am just knitting socks. It takes me forever to finish a pair, --- maybe that's why I love the title of your blog. "Slow Knitting" But what's the hurry?

Anonymous said...

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