Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2008 and already a finished object.

These are are Fetching Mitts, in all of their glory. I did make a few changes, ahem. I lengthened the cuff, added a thumb gusset and made them longer in the palm. However, they did begin with the same cabling and the palm was done in the same ribbing. At what point do they cease to be Fetching? Actually, I think they are quite fetching, forgive the pun.

And I sized them using my hands, which may have been a mistake, as they were a gift and the wearer is much more petite than I am. She hasn't responded yet, so I don't know how they were received, or if they were received.

Last photo should have been first, as it shows the thumb of the second mitt being finished. As usual, couldn't do the very simple thing of moving the image. I know I've done this before. Sigh.

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